Composites Australia--澳大利亚复合材料协会



  Composites Australia exists to increase awareness of the capabilities of the Australian composites industry and the adoption of composites technologies by Australian manufacturers, engineers and designers.

  A member-based organisation, we connect and support the development of the industry and facilitate collaboration with researchers.

  Composites Australia provides a forum for the industry to exchange information and promote the development of new markets for composite products. We work to

  Responsibly maintain the market for and promote the increased use of composites products

  Represent members’ interests to federal, state and local governments and regulatory authorities, insurance companies, consumer organisations and the media to ensure fair and equitable treatment of composites products

  Develop a high standard of commercial ethics amongst members

  Actively promote development of the skills-base of the industry

  Liaise with other relevant industry groups and institutes, both within Australia and overseas.