The Society of Materials Science, Japan(JSMS)--日本材料学会

来源: 日本材料学会



  The Society of Materials Science, Japan (JSMS) was founded in 1952 with the original name of The Japan Association of Materials Testing, and renamed to JSMS in 1963. JSMS covers material related fields for wide area of science and technology, that is, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Agriculture and so on, and has been contributing to the development of industries.

  JSMS consists of about 3,000 members at present from scholars, officials, engineers of private companies, and, students. Also JSMS has about 190 supporting members constituted by private companies, public corporation and so on.

  JSMS gives members advanced information for materials science and technology, and opportunities for research meeting, symposium, seminar, technical tour, joint research and so on.