Gordon Research Conference--Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure Development


会议名称:Gordon Research Conference--Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure Development




所在城市:Ventura, CA


会议主席:Kamal H. Khayat and R. Doug Hooton






The objective of this GRC is to bring together leading experts from industry and academia to stimulate discussion related to new approaches to improving sustainability of cement-based materials and to hear about the latest developments. The effort to improve the sustainability of infrastructure requires development and utilization of less carbon intensive materials as well as extending the service life of infrastructure though design for durability and resilience. Potential new sustainable materials compositions need to be characterized not only for their physical properties, but also for their robustness in variable construction environments, compatibility with other materials, and their durability in severe exposures. Due to limited materials availability, environmental conditions, and different levels of technology available in different global regions, there is no single solution to improving sustainability, and there is a need to consider a range of approaches including those that may be incremental as well as potentially disruptive.

Materials professionals, researchers and representatives from infrastructure owners are encouraged to attend and contribute to the discussion on needs for new approaches.